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Through years of research and development, Nexten Technologies, Inc. has developed it’s own unique Web-based suite of products and services for Manufacturing Execution Systems. Combined with Business Intelligent Solutions™, the company’s trademark in addressing the reengineering needs of our customers, Nexten has positioned itself to be the leader in MES.

In today’s competitive global market, manufacturers are driven to reduce cost, lead-time, and increase the quality for customers with specific product requirements.

Nexten has developed the first real customizable MES solution for the Web making deployment and future upgrades effortless. Utilizing our own powerful component-based technology, eThos, enables unsurpassed flexibility in adapting customer specific business rules making our products truly a one of a kind solution. Nexten’s products enable tight integration to existing Legacy and ERP Systems allowing companies to preserve existing investments.

The real magic of Nexten lies within our team. We have been blessed with a natural synergy that ignited from the onset of our journey. Our skillful and diverse group of individuals utilize creative cooperation for bringing each one’s ideals to life. Uniting our varied backgrounds in the business world has created a wealth of knowledge and experience for a team that recognizes no limits.

The appeal for cost-effective customizable Internet based products along with Business Process Reengineering and breakthrough management fundamentals has long been overdue. The next millennium will bring about a new set of challenges that will require fundamental changes and Nexten will be known as the organization that: