Career Opportunities


Software Support Engineer

Entry Level

BS or MS in Computer Science or related discipline with formal education in design and programming using object oriented methodology in Windows environment. Formal study, research and/or work experience in one or more of the following areas: Active Server Pages (ASP), Oracle PL/SQL and JScript.

Nexten Technologies, Inc. is headquartered in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Nexten is poised to be the leader in Manufacturing Execution Systems. Research and Development is one of the keys to Nexten’s foundation. Nexten believes strongly that in order to be the leader in a cutting edge technology, research must be a continuous process. As a result of this goal, Nexten’s current products shine with leading edge breakthroughs making our Web-based/Windows NT solutions truly the most flexible and powerful of it’s kind. We enhance our products with Business Process Reengineering services making Nexten’s team unparalleled by any competition.

Our research does not stop at our products and services, we know that the turnover rate in the high-tech field is the highest in its history. Nexten’s research shows that employees are more interested in a challenging job, career opportunities, training and work environment. Although salary and benefits are still important, they are no longer at the top of employee satisfaction. Our goal is to keep these factors foremost in our culture.

What really separates Nexten from the pack is the executive team. The team truly believes in nurturing an atmosphere that is unlike any other business. This atmosphere is one of family, strong morals and uncompromised ethics. Quite simply, from top to down, and bottom to top, Nexten strives to treat every employee like you would want to be treated. We have found that this simple principle really works and more importantly spreads effortlessly. Nexten believes, without a healthy environment for the whole team, then the rest simply does not matter.