Manufacturing Auditing               


Companies that conduct business with government agencies are bound to Department of Defense or other agency regulations. These regulations are mainly to comply with strict and tedious auditing procedures that can become very costly and time consuming.


Nexten through years of experience with Aerospace companies has learned and implemented appropriate audit trail records in itís suite of products to maintain and provide hard evidence for tracking and auditing purposes.

Companies are able to track, maintain, and archive manufacturing and engineering records such as As-builts, Blueprints, drawings, tractability, defect, rejects, etc. to perform required audits. The basic concept behind our product, eAudit, is to display and report transaction type, from and to record, user id, and time stamps.





Complete audit trail                                              

Serial number / lot tractability                                

Routing, drawing and methods archiving              

Defect, rejection and QA approval stamps           

Archive of the change history                                

Complete configuration management                 



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