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At the heart of our MES product line is eNFlex, our Process Planning application. This Web based component is a powerful tool for your Manufacturing Engineers in order to store and maintain crucial attributes.

Configuration control (revision letter)        

Multimedia clips (training)

Document control (drawing, sketches)      

Instructions (text, voice, and video)


Paperless (eWorkPage)      


Rates (resources)                               

Process specification


To properly and efficiently script these various components for a product, this integrated tool with multimedia capability both enhances the eShop suite of products and enables the Manufacturing Engineers to assemble the process planning components.

A workflow process management captures the entire business process with the appropriate checkpoints and approval to ensure that all company’s command media are followed. The workflow components keep track of all activities and maintain an audit trail through the lifecycle of the product manufacturing process.

The multimedia scripting capabilities enables users to assemble a comprehensive operation with specific instruction for operators to view during the manufacturing process.

All other required data such as tooling and process specifications, is either stored as part of the eShop comprehensive database or is retrieved from the Legacy systems in any platform.

wpe3.jpg (11068 bytes)         Process plan release control system

Web documentation & training        Integrated alternative routings 

Interface to all leading ERP’s             Mediascripting tool  

Highly graphical interface                  


Web-based Ad-hoc reporting


Process planning standard template


Technical maintenance & support services


Ability to merge graphics on same page with text


Seamless integration with ERP or Legacy systems


Workflow process modeling of activities, data, application, and decisions




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