Paperless Shop

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Our vision is to make your shop a true eShop. Eliminate all problems associated with paper documents and bring your work flow diagrams to life.

eWorkPage makes this vision a reality.

Our Web browser hosted system uses a flat and natural interface to display all the information pertinent to the job on hand.

By maintaining revisions and effective dates eWorkPage enforces configuration management. This information is presented using multimedia that incorporates speech synthesis and recognition along with full motion video. In order to view drawings and sketches, eWorkPage includes a viewer that supports all popular image file formats, zoom, and instant pan features. This information can be obtained from Legacy systems or wherever stored and is presented real-time and on demand.

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Current approved method of routings and design drawings

Electronic routing, drawing, sketch, tooling, etc.

Maintain as-build configuration

Enables deployment of design changes on-line

Improves product quality by ensuring configuration control

Allows for on-the-job training

Improves operators’ productivity

Highly graphical interface


Web documentation and training

Seamless integration with ERP or Legacy systems

Technical maintenance and support services

Workflow process modeling of activities, data, application, and decisions

Pan, zoom, and rotation of drawing graphics

Ability to merge graphics on same page with text

Support for paperless shop-floor display

Generation of on-line documentation of operating instructions

Messaging for work queue

Save millions of our planet’s trees

Electronic routing of drawings and process planning data

Eliminates document storage and retrieval

Most recent instructions are available on-line





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