Global Capability

Nexten has developed eCharge utilizing Web technologies and telephony which enables our customersí vast accessibility. eCharge can be accessed by various computer platforms and operating systems such as Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me, UNIX, OS/2, Macintosh, and hand held devices. eCharge can be deployed and accessed worldwide using WAN, Internet/Intranet, VPN, and by telephone.

  • Telephony interface

  • Seamless integration to your Intranet

  • No deployment cost, application is accessed from Web server

  • Your application is connected to users world-wide

  • Preserves existing Legacy or ERP system investments

  • The latest in leading edge Web technology is used throughout the application


Payroll Processing

Nexten realizes the labor intensive responsibilities and duties of payroll departments. eCharge is developed with extensive capabilities enabling payroll departments to manage their roles rather than being tied down to the heavy labor demands of validating and keeping track of paperwork. eChargeís payroll interface allows collection and calculations of hours for completely accurate actual. Up-front validation of labor before data is transferred into your financial and payroll systems eliminates invalid charges; eCharge has made this a reality.

  • Reduce time accounting and payroll costs by replacing manual or mechanical systems

  • No invalid charges to reconcile

  • Provides online review and approval of time sheets per customerís guidelines

  • E mail notifications for missing or inadequate time sheets

  • Satisfies Government audit requirements:

Tracking work in progress

Establishing audit trail

Increase cash flow through capturing & allocating unaccounted charges



eCharge allows you to monitor and manage your labor forces in a manner more powerful than ever. Approved administrators and managers are able to setup and monitor people, specific tasks, departments, and projects. For example, you can add, edit, and delete charge numbers, employees, and contract labor at any time. eCharge reporting is all Web-based; users select from lists of tables and fields available to them based on their security profile. Reports are then created in spreadsheet formats that can be saved as Excel or HTML files.

eCharge allows you to set overall or year to date budgets for specific tasks or projects that allow you to monitor targeted finish dates. The auto-alert feature warns you if targets are breached. eCharge enables variance analysis that allows instant viewing of actual vs. budgeted hours for any person, task, or project.

  • Manage people, tasks, project costs, and identify problem areas early

  • Prepare and monitor budgets

  • Point and view actual or budgets by person, task, or project

  • A great tool for ISO 9000 certification


Project Management

eCharge is pre-configured with a direct link to Microsoft Project and can be easily integrated with any financial system. Information may be exchanged and updated with popular accounting, payroll, and project management software.

  • Import and track projects from Microsoft Project

  • Send actual back to Microsoft Project

  • Automatically update a Microsoft Project file based on time entries

  • Dozens of pre-defined or customizable report capabilities

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