Warehouse Management

Nextenís Warehouse Management System, eCache, is designed based on a strategic business intelligence application tightly integrated with our eShop product line and your scheduling system. This integration translates warehouse performance objectives into a coherent set of measures. These measures enable identification and implementation of changes to warehouse processes for maximum effectiveness. It also will serve as a Decision Support System tool to provide on-line information for "what -if analysis" and dynamic resource allocation. eCache will support a variety of modes of manufacturing with the ability to combine different modes within the same company such as Make-to-Order, Make-to-Contract, Make-to-Stock, Configure-to-Order, Assemble-to-Order, JIT and Kanban.

eCache is comprised of two modules:

  1. ePoise is a series of software modules for integrated control of carousels, AS/RS, conveyors, and other automated equipment linked on-line to eCache.

  2. rfTrak will use radio frequency (RF) and user-friendly interface with ERP systems to provide remote real-time access to the plant's inventory. Utilization of bar code labels provides a visible identifier for each component from the time that it is received until it reaches the finished-goods stockroom. eCache allows users to track the part's movement by allowing confirmation of the data before it is transmitted to the host.


Track status of received parts through user-defined disposition codes
Provides on-line validation against purchase order information
Tracks parts individually or by serialized containers and pallets
Tracks materials through inventory
Tracks transfers between warehouses, inventory locations, or serialized containers, and pallets
Supports user-definable inventory transactions to track exceptions such as expired lots
Prints on-demand bar code labels for received parts, containers, and pallets
Stores products by user-defined primary and secondary warehouse zones.
Facilitates delivery of materials for production
Prints bar coded material pick lists for manufacturing orders
Validates materials and lots picked against manufacturing order pick lists
Supports operator-directed or automatic system-directed processing of pick lists
Provides automatic replenishment of miscellaneous floor stock required for manufacturing
Automates physical inventory and cycle counts
Provides paperless processing of physical inventories
Supports cycle counting for partial inventory checking
EDI support
Highly graphical interface
Web documentation and training
Seamless integration with ERP or Legacy systems
Technical maintenance and support services.
Expiration dating
Interface to all leading ERPís
Web-based Ad-hoc reporting

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